Visual Artist Summer Janelle

Visual Artist Summer Janelle

New 2011-ongoing work

12in.x12in., on wooden panel, 2012

8in.x8in. , wooden panel 2012

8in.x8in., on wooden panel 2012

8in.x8in., 2012 mixed media

12in.x12in., 2011 ...sold

12x12 inches, 2011 mixed media

8in.x8in., 2011

8in. x 8in., 2011

8in.x8in. , 2011

12in.x12in., 2011

"I think I've met my match #1,8in.x8in.,mixed media on wooden panel 2011...sold

"I think I've met my match # 2", mixed media on wooden panel, 8in.x8in., 2011

My work derives from the inner sensations we encounter with human interaction on a daily basis. I am fascinated with the invisible everyday occurrences and I bring them to life. I am making the invisible visible.These mundane sensations are in constant flux. My digital photographs address the everyday access of taking a photo and is utilized as a banal meduim responding to the day-to-day occurrences. I am also concerned with form and color. The luscious, vibrant paint applications take on the inner sensations that exude from the body and highlight the photographs scene reaching the photograph to the sublime. The transcendental state is where the sensations roam in their space, leaving the body to its new capacity and in constant flux through imagination.

Up Next:

2010 Sculptural Paintings